Regional Maintenance Manager

Country: Kenya

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The regional maintenance manager is directly responsible for ensuring availability of equipment, utilities and fixtures in allocated branches (a region). He/she will manage maintenance activities in a manner that ensures optimal use of resources, cost-effective maintenance and safety of personnel.

Roles and Responsibilities:

•  Coordinate, oversee and supervise the maintenance function in allocated branches.
•  Ensuring compliance of allocated branches with maintenance-related County by-laws and national laws, including OHSA and energy Acts, including obtaining permits for building works from county government, NEMA, etc.
•  Generate permits-to-work in order to ensure the safety of contractors, maintenance personnel and operations personnel during maintenance activities. Ensure contractors and maintenance personnel use the appropriate personal protective equipment for maintenance activities as required in order to ensure their safety and prevent damage to property
•  Ensure provision of utilities (potable water, electricity, LPG) for allocated branches. Monitoring consumption and costs associated with utilities in order to pro-actively reduce energy consumption by working with operations, landlords, and utility companies.
•  Ensure that maintenance-related activities in allocated branches that affect food safety are carried out in a timely and effective fashion in order to eliminate food safety hazards.
• Anticipate equipment and maintenance needs in allocated branches by analyzing data received during maintenance activities in order to prevent recurrence of breakdowns
•  Coordinate with peers in other departments, including multi-unit managers, branch managers, and departmental heads in order to obtain the resources required for completion of maintenance activities in allocated branches.
•  Act as the regional department CRM to achieve support from operations management, buy-in and cooperation from all staff that aims to optimize life cycle of equipment, raise awareness on maintenance issues and thus optimize equipment availability.
•  Support the financial planning and budgeting process by understanding and communicating the costs associated expected in regards their regional R&M and reactive activities, and is responsible to monitoring regional expenditure versus budget and acting to keep under or on the budget line.
•  Responsible for coordination and management of external contractors in order to execute outsourced maintenance activities in allocated branches.
•  Provide technical knowhow on maintenance, including
      o  Training and mentoring technicians in technical skills
      o  Troubleshooting faults that are beyond technicians’ skill level
      o  Advising on spares and materials to be stocked in central stores
      o  Create and maintain SOPs for maintenance activities
      o  Conduct audits and compliance checks of maintenance activities
•  Ensure accurate records of PPM activities, Reactive maintenance activities and Personnel utilization are kept.
•  Manage maintenance activities in order to improve efficient use of resources and ensure cost-effective maintenance by
     o  Monitoring maintenance and utility costs in order to identify waste, inefficiency or fault
     o  Rectifying waste, inefficiency or fault by root cause analysis
     o  Tracking reliability and useful life of equipment in allocated branches in order to ensure equipment availability and usability

Knowledge, Skill and Abilities

Required Knowledge & Experience:

•  Diploma in Electrical / Electronic Engineering
•  KCSE mean grade C
•  At least 3 years’ technical experience in maintenance, preferably in the hospitality industry
•  At least 1 year experience in a supervisory role, including managing staff and contractors
•  Basic IT skills for report writing

•  Good language skills English (written) and Kiswahili (spoken)
•  Good people-management skills
•  Excellent planning and organizational skills

•  Ability to multi-task and prioritize among different tasks for effective output
•  Ability to work in high pressure situations

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