Training Coordinator

Country: Kenya

Java House is currently sourcing for a self-motivated and dynamic individual to fill the position of Training Coordinator based in Nairobi.

Role: Create, coordinate and implement training programs

Key Responsibility Areas:
a) Creating continuous learning modules across the organization, given the current business needs, but also forecasting on future learning needs.
b) Creating a robust orientation module to include job specific, organization culture and personal development training.
c) Collaborating with Managers to identify areas of development throughout the organization including trending business needs. Translate these into learning opportunities.
d) Identifying career aspirations and discussing and agreeing upon these with employees and their managers throughout the performance cycle.
e) Identifying on-the-job development opportunities and maximizing these opportunities for development.
f) Coaching department “in house coaches” on training skills, to ensure delivery method is efficient and effective.
g) Target employees with training modules that fit their job level and function to make their training program efficient and effective.
h) Create a “JAVA Stars” program, where top performers are identified and groomed for future leadership programs.
i) In conjunction with the Human Resources Director create a succession planning program and establish a training plan for the program.
j) Create a mentorship program to mentor current and future staff.
k) Track employee, department and overall organization performance before and after training to determine the effectiveness of all training programs.
l) Research on best practices in the industry and lead in the design and development and activation of learning programs and delivery mechanisms for meeting organization learning needs. Be the learning expert of the organization.

Knowledge, Skill and Abilities

• Bachelor’s Degree with an emphasis on Learning Training & Development or Organization Development
• Learning Training & Development /Organization development short courses
• 3 - 5 years in a training role in Human Resources Development in a medium to large organization. Preferably in the hospitality industry
• Excellent interpersonal skills
• Highly organized
• Good communication skills
• Good facilitation skills

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