Wait Staff

Country: Kenya
Location: Nyali

To take and serve food and beverage orders to our guests in a clean environment and ensure all guests are promptly attended to, in accordance to Java Service standards.

Duties and Responsibilities
• Presenting a variety of menu options and take lead on suggestive selling based on customer preferences.
• Assist the guest to navigate through the menu comfortably.
• Taking orders and delivering them to the table neatly and accurately in accordance with the ticket specification.
• Present bills on time and accept payment.

Knowledge, Skill, and Abilities

Key Result Areas
• Meet, greet and seat guests in a timely manner.
• Taking food and beverage orders from customers and ensure prompt service delivery.
• Cleaning, clearing and organizing table condiments.
• Presenting bills and give back correct change to the guest within the shortest time possible.
• Assist guests on easy menu navigation
• Attend to the tables and guarantee compliance to cleanliness standards
• Check the quality of the final servings and resolve any issues accordingly based on recommended food and beverage standards.
• Proper utilization of company resources.
• Ensure accurate stock take.
• Communication-attend shift briefings, communicate cautiously to the guest
• Ensure necessary orders for the proper mis-en place are given to the manager for ordering.

• Ability to work under pressure and long hours
• Ability to up-sell and inform our guest on new menu product
• Must be a team player
• Must be customer-oriented
• Must have proper planning skills
• Must have Point Of Sale skills
• Should have inter-personal skills
• Flexible and accommodative
• Must be result oriented, self-driven, articulate and pro-active.

Special Conditions of Employment:
• Should have a sound menu and product knowledge.
• Should have a KCSE certificate mean grade of c plain
• Should have been in the company for at least six months or have equivalent skills from a food and beverage set up.

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