Document Editor

Country: Kenya

To format, edit, set copy and proofread the Java House Franchise Operational Manual and all supporting operational documents, tools & resources; including and not limited to SOP Manuals, checklists, audit material (in excel) and operational guides and training material.

Duties & Responsibilities

• Create workable templates, as required and work in the current brand template for manuals.
• Develop and apply indexation – especially manuals
• Transfer current WORD documentation into brand template and format, edit and set copy
• Review, then format, edit and set copy of documentation currently in brand template
• Apply brand guidelines where required – i.e. font, logos, etc.
• Design/apply and insert any graphics, pictures or other visuals within the documentation, as required.
• Interpret documents and information: proof-read and highlight any gaps, errors in spelling, punctuation or grammar (as appropriate – i.e. brand jargon and other specific Java documents will be proofed ‘in-house’).
• Ensure the structure and flow of all documentation and consistent look and feel, as per document or manual specifications.
• Create File Management System: including PDF and Editable files for Java House archives

• Advanced in MS Office – Word, Excel & PPT
• Can work in and ideally has Cert. in other Design Packages
• Professional editing cert. or equivalent (an advantage – not essential)

• Apply IT packages/design packages and all their functionalities to large amounts of documentation
• Editing, formatting, applying graphics & visuals; setting copy
• Proofreading
• File management
Core competencies
• Can manage large amounts of documentation
• Innovative
• Structured approach/methodical
• Be able to work with speed and meet timescales
• Good eye for detail/accurate
• Good sense of humor, despite all!

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