Coffee Merchandiser

Country: Uganda


Provides assistance to coffee operations in-charge in ensuring all coffee operations & budgeted sales volume are achieved through maintaining the allocated shelf space in supermarket(s) by ensuring its tidy, well stocked and replenishments are done on time, and also through making product presentations, product sampling, answering to potential customers questions, and understanding customer needs and worries.

Key Responsibility Areas

• To ensure the Java coffee is always available presentable & allocated shelf is always tidy in the listed retailers’ outlets.
• Checking on stocks-outs and initiate ordering with the procurement team to accordingly arrange for replenishment.
• Checking on slow-moving and short expiries informing the sales manager for a solution.
• Ensuring that prices are correctly marked, and shelf labels are properly marked.
• Collecting market intelligence.
• Conducts sales promotions as planned by the sales manager.
• Work as a team player to ensure each customer receives the best service possible.
• Reporting back to the sales manager on customer feedback and their needs so that appropriate action can be taken.
• Assists in payments/Cheques collection.
• Assists in any other duty that might be assigned to them.

Knowledge, Skill, and Abilities


• Developing and managing high-value customer relationships
• Portfolio management
• Account and activity planning
• Presentation
• Time management
• Strong sales and territory management skills.
• Self-motivation and ambitious nature.
• Advanced interpersonal skills
• Highly developed written and verbal communication skills.

Knowledge & Qualifications

• Account Portfolio Management
• Sales; Account planning and associated activity planning
• A network of café and industry contacts
• Achieving set sales and volume targets

• High-value client acquisition & success in exceeding sales targets
• Successful track record managing relationships
• Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems
• Establishing a viable account and activity plans
• FMCG experience will be highly regarded

• Uses discernment and interpersonal skills to establish other’s needs, concerns, feelings, expectations, and motivations

• Delivering a customer experience that exceeds expectations
• Thrive within a diverse workplace
• Passion for community development and ethical trade
• Love of coffee and coffee culture
• Team player with a positive attitude.

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