Senior Procurement Officer

Country: Kenya

Key Responsibility Areas

• Manage the entire order process for all imported products, raw materials, and requirements for Java from overseas suppliers
• Closely manage and monitor import time frames and costs to ensure minimum shipping times and maximum efficiencies
• Constantly review freight costings to ensure the organization is getting the best possible rates and services
• Provide weekly updates on all imports and use this to ensure delivery time frames for all products from all suppliers are within acceptable parameters.
• Implementing inventory policy and maintain stock at approved levels to avoid excess or stock outs.
• Monitor forecasts and quotas to identify changes that may affect the production process
• Negotiate with international suppliers to secure the highest value for money and most advantageous terms for the company.
• Supervise all incoming goods, machinery, spare parts & associate shipments and ensure arrival of all goods within specified timeframes.
• Effective risk management and governance of all suppliers while examining and re-evaluating existing contracts in line with performance.
• Process the required imports documentation i.e. LPOs, IDFs CoC’s, Insurances etc
• Provide optimal service to all the internal clients, (Heads of Departments) and maintain status report for all shipments and airfreights.
• Maintain good supplier relationship as well as maintaining good relationships with Governmental Agencies
• Understanding and keeping up with new trends and regulations of Kenyan Government Authorities

Knowledge, Skill and Abilities


The role requires the holder of an undergraduate degree in Procurement and Supply Chain Management or any other business-related field.

• Effective Communication
• Strong Customer Focus
• Negotiation
• Sourcing

• Good working knowledge on KRA, KPA, Kenya Bureau of Standards and other regulatory bodies in the East African Region.

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