Country: Uganda

To maintain a hygiene working environment in the kitchen by providing clean utensils and washrooms

Key Responsibility Areas
• Cleaning of pots, pans, cutlery, and crockery.
• Cleaning of guest and staff toilets.
• Cleaning of kitchen equipment/machines.
• Cleaning and sanitization of the general kitchen.
• Ensure proper waste management by disposing of bins and cleaning of grease traps.
• Correct use of detergent.

Job Specifications

• Must be a team player.
• Must be flexible
• Must be a good planner.
• Must have basic housekeeping skills.
• Flexible and accommodative
• Must be result-oriented, self-driven, articulate and pro-active.

Special Conditions:
• Must have a UCSE certificate with a minimum grade of C
• Must be interested in the hospitality industry.

Core Competencies:
• Basic knowledge of food safety and the HACCP plan.
• Accommodative and adaptive to new changes and regulations.
• Be able to work with speed and under pressure

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